Heckler Summer Blog '09! Or not.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remember when we strained to bring you a blog last summer and then in the two semesters after that? That was fun. But it's not happening this summer, we're pretty sure.

Not that we really blogged about anything last summer. It was mostly just Jack Stuef writing boring updates of his writing fellowship and copy-and-pasting rejected Onion headlines. If you want to read more about his boring life and the occasional rejected Onion headline he deems fit for the world, follow him on Twitter. In an incredible accomplishment not befitting a scarcely published, constantly on the brink of death, narrowly focused college humor magazine, another of us, just-graduated Heckler editor Jon Rapoport, got this summer's writing fellow job at The Onion. He's probably not going to be writing a diary of his magic Onion journey on here, but we just wanted to brag. Seriously, there are much more established, better run, and university-supported humor mags out there. We should not be the one producing the best writers.

Our DeGioia Twitter account from our last issue continued on for less than a month, got some nice press, and then was shut down after the school complained to Twitter. Sorry.

If you want, you can take a look through our archives. A lot of the links don't work anymore, so we have obviously won our wars with The Hoya and stupid-college-homepage things! We haven't heard back with the ever-Googling-on-the-job Heather A. Maginnis, but we have taken over her immaculate Google results. Blue cups finally returned to Leo's. And John Q Pierce remains at large, though we've won his Google results as well. There you go, closure.

In closing, the federal government apparently considers both the Heckler and The Hoya (I KNOW!) real campus newspapers.

Now go buy our sandwich. And e-mail us if you have any desire to write for us next year. We're having a lot of turnover of writers, and well, hopefully, with your help, this thing won't die out before it sees the new decade.

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