Hoya Ed Board Endorsement Overcomes Lamb-Breen's Disqualification Momentum

Thursday, March 05, 2009

So this happened. It was remarkably close given the traditional model of GUSA elections: The Hoya endorses a ticket, and students who vote, i.e. freshmen, sign off on The Hoya's choice. The last time The Hoya's endorsed ticket did not gone on to win the election was back in Bush's first term of office. And that only happened because the ticket that narrowly won had fines (something they had back then?) that exceeded the $75 limit on campaign spending and had the balls to put flyers refuting the Hoya endorsement inside of each copy of The Hoya, but their disqualification was overturned months after the election. Current seniors have never seen an election in which the Hoya-endorsed ticket did not win, and neither did the class graduating before them.

We may all think the Hoya Ed Board made a strange decision this year on their endorsement, but we have to remember it's our duty to vote how they say to vote, no matter how bad a choice it may seem. So Georgetown, enjoy your new GUSA executives:

You deserve them.

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