The Hoya Racism Watch, Day 1

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I have counted on a few things being constant during my stint at Georgetown: John Thomson III is the basketball coach, chicken fingers are served at Leo's on Thursday, and The Hoya is protested for doing and publishing things a lot of students find racist. Now, I haven't always been able to keep my life stabilized on the assumption that I will see chicken fingers on Thursday, but the other two seem pretty solid. So this blog will be on watch all year following The Hoya as it attempts to restrain itself from inevitably publishing the issue that will spur this year's anti-Hoya-racism protests to break out. Thankfully the Media Board suspended The Hoya's bid for independence this year, because the Media Board has proven to nurture the kind of journalism from The Hoya the past couple years that results in really nice, full anti-racism protests.

So far, after the first day of classes, The Hoya has officially not been protested yet. Tuesday's issue, the first of the year, is very careful not to make jokes about "good old vanilla-chocolate swirl interracial fucking." In fact, they were so careful not to make Jessie Sapp seem light-skinned, they darkened a picture so much that he and much of his surroundings are nearly impossible to make out.

A good start, but how long can the passive-aggressive protest-avoidance be sustained?


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