The Hoya Racism Watch, Making Fun of the Disabled Edition

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things have been going strong for The Hoya the past couple weeks in the racism department. But in its soul, something has died. Todd Olson doesn't get it! The Hoya is a RAUNCHY, IN-YOUR-FACE, UN-PC comedy gift to the world. And if you won't let them make fun of black people, THEY'RE JUST GONNA HAVE TO TAKE THEIR JOKES TO ANOTHER HISTORICALLY DISADVANTAGED GROUP. It's called attitude, and The Hoya has it in spades, unless by spades you mean black staff members.

This week: the disabled! The Ed Board writes a bland editorial in favor of that wheelchair guy suing Mr. Smith's for allowing him to be a fire hazard and then not. "Big deal." OH YEAH? Well, you just have to look a little harder, my friend! The title of this story? "Standing With Taylor: Solidarity Counts." Get it? They can't stand with the guy in the wheelchair because, by definition, he cannot stand. SATIRE.

Uggggggggh. Seriously, they had to have realized what they did, right? That has to the most inane title for the piece they could come up with. Nobody writes a headline that poorly unless they're trying to make a joke. Uggggggggh.

While we're at it, does anyone know this kid? I will withhold vitriol because I've really maybe only said a word to him once or twice, but everyone I know who knows him thinks he's, well, whatever polite word for douche bag exists that I can insert here. And, "I thought he was supposed to graduate last year, isn't he like 25 by now?" Small sample size, so who knows, he may not be a d-word, whatever. Anyway, the interesting thing is, if you go to his website, it's pretty much a chronicle of what happens when you're a rich, well-connected disabled kid.


(See what I did there? I could write for The Hoya!)

Before you leave the site, make sure to donate to his trust fund. Don't look at me like that! It's a special needs trust fund. Special needs people need more than one trust fund. That's why they call it special needs.

Thankfully, we've learned from this Hoya article that this guy "has not ruled out pursuing a monetary settlement." God speed!

And remember, if there's anything you learn from this courageous individual, it's that the Hamptons are a very dangerous place. You could jump into a sandbar and come up suing a landbar.

EDIT 9/20: Reader Will Sommer notes that since publishing this article on Friday, The Hoya has changed the title of the article on their site to "Solidarity Counts," though Will notes "the URL is still standing with Taylor."

EDIT 9/22: And now they have moved the article to a new URL. It's true, anonymous commenter, the printed version of the article was entitled "Standing Behind Taylor." But that's still pointing out he can't stand, no?


Anonymous said...

The editorial was called "Standing BEHIND Taylor: Solidarity Counts." The URL never had "with" in it.

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